Hey, you know that bit about “If I didn’t need the Work …”

Well, my job is moving and I will be moving with it when ever it does. I guess I could ask Da Yoopers to change the lyrics to “Because I need the work, I had to move back here, to be back home on the last frontier”
That last rant about folks leaving the place and positions not filled came to a head and the parent corp. decided to shut down operations at our location.
Some jobs move to Port Arthur, Texas, others are moving to Wisconsin and it is right on the border with the good ol’ U.P.
I can be a Yooper again.
I looked at living in Wisconsin but going to Michigan I can get an “Enhanced” drivers license and hop over to Canukistan without the need of a passport (maybe do the round Lake Superior run for a vacation or something.

Thing is, I currently have no clue as to a time line.
A year to 18 months is all we got at the announcement.
Not entirely happy about leaving Texas, but I’ll be about an hour south of what I still think of as Home (where I spent 18 of my now 49 years)m and a few more relatives will be closer than right now (one sis lives near me, the folks are in Memphis with one other sis there, and my third sis living in the Atlanta area) with several Aunts, uncles and cousins all still living in that area.

I’ll miss the Texas BBQ, riding 365 days a year, and 75-85 mph speed limits.
I wont miss days like recently where although it isn’t over 100f the “real feel” heat index is 110f because of all the rain we’ve gotten.

Well, that’s all for now folks.

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