Monthly Archives: May 2016

I’ve moved

So, the big move came . . . finally.

I got up here on the 14th of May and started work on the 16th.

All my stuff is packed still, as I bought a house, but am renting as well, because I bought a HUD home for Cash (well I loaned myself the money), and need to do a few things before I can move into the place. For the most part it is fine, if a bit old and somewhat worn, but I need a refrigerator, it will need a roof soon (no leaks though), and I need to sort out some of the electrical. They updated a lot of the wiring, but then afterward it looks like someone ran power to some of the 1949 wiring to get power out to the garage. I will trip all the breakers, find what that is on, and sort accordingly.

Well, anyhow, I got the locks changed, and will get blinds for the windows.