Monthly Archives: February 2017

Um, Ouch

So, yesterday, I thought I should probably make some sort of update about things here, but I didn’t get around to it, then got a bit of a headache, so I went to bed a bit early, say 7:45pm or so.
Woke at maybe 10:30pm to a pain in my lower back.
Got worse.
Got really worse.
To the E.R. worse. Cold and painful drive, but closer than it would have been in Texas, luckily.
Before drugs got into me it got bad enough to nauseate me, so I filled one bag.
Kidney stone likely so instead of Morphine, the doc had the nurse give me something else. CAT scan confirmed, no infection once I was able to give a urine sample (dry as a bone until 2 liters of saline were I.V.ed into me) so no antibiotics prescribed. One for urine flow, and one for the pain. I.V was wearing off so pills were given to me so I could drive home, getting here about 2:30am, then take the pain pill and blessed sleep again. Woke about 6:00am.
Think it might have passed, but still some pain there, and I’ve got a scrip to fill.
I worry as the doc has a clear signature (~_^)

So, an update of some sort eventually, but for now, a whine.
Want cheese with that?