Monthly Archives: September 2017

Oi oy hoi

So. How goes?

I’ve been workin’ on the rail roa. . .  err . . .Garage all the live long evenings and weekends so I can fix an oil leak on the  “Black” motorcycle (rode bike and it was fine, parked it for a few days, ride to work, and oil pours out. WTF?) so I can change the clutch in my truck (gee, only 160,000 miles plus on that clutch. Why’s it need replacing?) so’s I can finish working on the other motorcycle (A freaking year and some it has been in need of fixing) and by then I can get back to working on the inside of the house. I built a new work bench in the northwest corner, added outlets, some cabinets, and lighting. I would also like to add more peg board and a folding work bench to the south wall, but not needed at this time to get me work space.

Ah, well.

At least work sucks.