A semi-permanent About Me page

I’m known as JP. Been that all my life. I was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and much like the song Culture Shock by the Yoopers: “If I didn’t need work, I wouldn’t be here, I’d be back home on the last frontier.” But the place needs too much fixing, and I left in 1984 and moved to Louisiana starting in N.O. then moving out to the ‘Burb of Kenner. After a disastrous buyout in late 2003 I left my favorite job of fueling airplanes in early 2004, bought a small pickup truck, wiped out my savings buying tools, and moved to Burleson, Texas. The job here was also involved in a buyout, and I left it to go broke as opposed to staying and working my ass off to go broke.
I ended up going to a temp service who sent me to my current job. Again I have suffered a buyout of my employer, and I’ve been moved from Texas, back to the U.P. of Michigan.
Politically I am Conservative, while personally I am libertarian. While I would prefer a real libertarian paradise, I know that, like communism, it will never work in the real world. It also doesn’t help the “Big “L” Party seems to only run full on nutcases who have only a glancing brush with reality.

In other things about me, I like cats, and currently am owned by three.
I also like riding motorcycles, and unless it is snowing heavily and there is ice on the road, I prefer to be on one of my ’91 Honda ST1100 sport touring bikes (Pan-European to you folks over on the continent), I ride rain or shine. When it is snowing or there is ice, I still like to ride, just not 730+ pounds of slightly top-heavy machine. I have a ’78 Honda CB400Tii (with a kickstart only Ti motor) for that. I also have an old, worn ’80 Honda XL250s that I pulled from the roads
Otherwise I still have that pick-up which is a 4×4 and allows me to buy spare bikes, or haul stuff too big to get on the bikes (and you’d be surprised what one can get on a bike…see the third world for some truly loaded bikes). I have been riding for vacations and in 2013 did a tour of West Virginia ( Charleston and then Mannington more on that later), then down to Atlanta and then home.

I read a good bit. Prefer Baen authors, and some indy folks as well. Mannington is the basis of the town Grantville in the Eric Flint series started with 1632. I went there to see the place and see what changes it has had since Flint first wrote the book. I found the IGA is now closed, as was the jewelers, and a couple of the downtown buildings were recently demolished but it still gives a feeling for the landscape they are dealing with. I had a great gravy covered steak sandwich at Hero’s Cafe.

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